GForce Performance Chip Kit for the CHEVROLET CRUZE
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WHAT IS IT?  The GForce Performance Chip adjusts your air/fuel ratio, ignition timing, and other aspects of your vehicle's engine to SAFELYincrease the power, while increasing fuel economy significantly. Our chips are prepared for your vehicle. Your car will run smoother, run cooler and more efficiently at the same time. The gains we advertise are real, and are guaranteed with a money back promise. Our chips will not only increase horsepower, but torque as well for more REAL power. It increases power throughout the full RPM range unlike many competitors.

EASY INSTALLATION.  Installation can be performed by anyone using simple hand tools. The GForce module installs into your CHEVROLET CRUZE's engine bay and is connected via 2 wires that plug into the IAT sensor. Diagrams are included. The unit is then able to fine tune the ECU thus improving your car's performance. Everything needed for installation is included in this kit for a quick and easy installation that shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. There is absolutely nothing else needed to have this installed on your vehicle.

COMPATIBLE.  The GForce Performance Chip utilizes the latest in automotive engine control technology. Our product allows you to take your CHEVROLET CRUZE's performance to the next level. Our product is tested to work with your car in either stock or modified trim. You can have any kind of modification and our unit will still remain compatible with your CHEVROLET CRUZE.

GUARANTEED.  Regardless of your driving style our chip will provide a substantial increase in performance in your CHEVROLET CRUZE. All of these benefits are achieved without disassembling your CHEVROLET CRUZE's ECU thereby preserving your ecu's factory warranty or permanently altering your car in any way shape or form. What sets us apart from our competition is that we offer a solid product that we stand by, so much so that if you are not satisfied in any way we will offer you a 100% no questions asked refund on installed modules. Additionally, just from the fuel savings alone, our chip pays for itself!

GForce Performance Chip Version 2.1
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