The following charts are actual tests that were run on three vehicles using the GForce Performance Chip. These are good examples of what you may see with your own vehicle.

All of our horsepower testing is conducted by unbiased third parties on calibrated Dynojet® dynomometers. The colors of the lines seen on each chart correspond to "Before the GF Performance Chip is installed", and "After the GF Performance Chip is installed".

All dyno runs were performed back to back so that consistant weather conditions and vehicle conditions could be maintained. Time was given inbetween each run for sufficient vehicle cool down so as not to "heatsoak" the vehicle.

As you can see, gains were seen on all three applications. Also keep in mind, this is not including the 18%-25% drivetrain losses commonly seen on these vehicles.

These modules work, they are guaranteed, and the results speak for themselves.