A few things need to be known about electronic fuel injection systems before it is possible to
understand how the GF Performance Chip functions:

  • The ideal fuel ratio is 14.7 parts air to 1 part gasoline, this is termed stoichiometric
  • Ideal ignition (spark) timing can only be achieved once ideal fuel ratio has been achieved
  • Higher octane fuel allows you to run a more advanced fuel timing map with an ideal fuel ratio
  • The unit that controls all of this in addition to everything else needed to make your engine run
    is called the ECU (Engine Control Unit)
Due to government regulations regarding emissions and power many manufacturers program your
car's ECU with very modest fuel and spark settings that negatively influence your car's power and gas
mileage. All of these factors together form a problem that we are now able to solve with the GF
Performance Chip. We have developed a system that is able to intercept and reconfigure the
signals transmitted to the ECU. This enables us to essentially reprogram your ECU to attain
maximum efficiency meaning better gas mileage and more power to the ground. The chip is able
to work dynamically with the ECU meaning it will compensate for the current load your engine is under:
  • When you are full throttle your engine load is increased dramatically over normal freeway cruising,
    so the chip tells the ECU to compensate for the larger volume of incoming air by injecting more
    fuel into your engine and advancing the timing, giving you increased overall horsepower
  • When you are cruising on the freeway or in the city the load on the engine and incoming air
    is little so the chip tells the ECU to use less fuel in order to achieve maximum fuel economy
Regardless of your driving style our chip will provide a substantial increase in performance over
stock. All of these benefits are achieved without disassembling or reprogramming your ECU
thereby not permanently altering your car in any way shape or form.
We offer a solid product that we stand by, so much so that if you are not satisfied in any way we
will offer you a 100% no questions asked refund, this is what sets us apart from our competition.
Our GF Chips may sound too good to be true, but let us say that the results speak for themselves.

Improved gas mileage. Increase fuel efficiency by 10%.
Increased torque. Gain up to 30 lb-ft.
Dyno proven results. Gain up to 30HP.
Easy installation. Installation can be done in 5 minutes.