What G-Force Customers Think...
These testimonials are from actual GForce customers. The accuracy of these claims has not been verified. Your actual results may vary.

"After some time driving to be certain, I know that your G-Force Performance Chip has provided a marked increase in power together with an overall increase in gas mileage for my Hyundai Elantra. Driving my little 2013 Hyundai Entrant coupe now feels very much more like driving some of the new 4 cylinder turbos being sold for thousands of dollars more. Your customer for life,"

Lee   01/20/2015

"I love the chip! will be ordering another for 2 more cars! Thanks"

Irvin   12/28/2014

"Installed your chip on my 1993, 4 cylinder Jeep Wrangler this morning and noticed substantial increase in horsepower and torque right away. It's like a different motor! Thank you for ANY improvement on this Jeep's performance. I haven't checked fuel mileage yet, but I don't care with the improvement in horsepower. Very pleased! Thank You!"

Steve   12/23/2014

"Here my review I have a 2013 camaro SS and the chip was easy to install I felt a much better response when I accelerated my car computer said my gas mileage was average 15.2 and now 16.4 People say what can you get for $70. ever two year I get a free smartphone and that works great and my wife have a ss camaro I going to buy one for her .some people don't like the quick response on a accelerating I guess that one reason does it come from the factory .by the way I'm an automobile technician for over 40 years.JImmy"

Jimmy   12/01/2014

"I received my 2nd GForce Chip today for my second vehicle. I am an extremely satisfied customer with your product and have recommended it to (and they have purchased) many of my friends whom are also very satisfied.

The chip I received today is for a 2008 Chevrolet Suburban with a 5.3L Flex Fuel engine. On my other vehicle, a 5.3L FF engine on an 05 Trailblazer."

Scott   12/01/2014

"I have installed the chip and just went over 100 miles today and have been driving in temps. below 30 deg. I have picked up 2 miles on a gallon on my 2010 ford lariat 4x4 and that was crossing the mountain. can't wait to see what it does in warmer temps. thanks gf team."

Calvin   11/28/2014


Rock   11/26/2014

"Thanks very much for my chip wow after I put on my 2014 Genesis Coupe GT 3.8 liter I could feel the power big time I didnt think it would give me that much power to notice it that much, great acceleration, foot throttle, and power very happy, now I just need to see if it gives me a little better gas mileage will see but I am happy already with what I see so far Thanks retired First Sergeant Pete Lara. I am going to buy one for my truck now."

Peter   11/22/2014

"I cant say enough about this product as well as the customer service. My 06 4 runner is getting 28 to 30 MPG on the interstate and 22 to 24 in town, pending on lights. The HP has to be increased from 237 to 267. I did pay $30.00 to install the chip just to be safe. A total with delivery, a $104.00 investment for incredible results. Shawn Charleston SC"

Shawn   11/09/2014

"Hi I just bought your chip and installed it. I am extremely excited about how much money you have saved me in fuel.i am telling everyone about it. I am wondering if you guys would be interested in using my truck for a advertising space please contact me."

James   10/31/2014

"I Have been using G force chips for a few years now, I make it a part of any new vehichle I purchase because of the performance and gas savings. This product is truly amazing! I cannot imagine anyone not being totally satisfied with their purchase. After Installation its like you have a much better running and sounding vehichle and the gas mileage increase will make you smile every time you pass the gas station! All I can say is WOW! and THANK YOU!"

Glenn and Pamela   09/26/2014

"I thought this might be good for your Canadian customers as well as others considering a purchase.

I never have had an occasion or incentive to write a testimonial until now. The G-Force chip recently installed in my 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 Turbo automatic really surprised me. On a recent 2000 km trip through the Canadian Rocky Mountains to the Banff area I averaged 33 miles per gallon. This was with a load of 3 people and a completely full trunk of relatively heavy luggage. I could give you all of the gas consumption records for each fill-up but suffice to say if you look at all of the performance figures on the Internet, Hyundai claims for this model year a highway consumption of 30 mpg. We all know this isn’t always reality. I averaged the entire trip at 33mpg using regular gas. At times I surpassed 6, 500 ft altitude after climbing steadily. Before the trip my wife who also drives the Coupe and who knows nothing about cars says; “the car feels a little more peppy for some reason.” Certainly it looks like I have a 10% + increase in gas mileage and I wish I could measure the horsepower increase but I am a car lover and can definitely feel the increase. It is not imagined. Acceleration and climbing hills is more effortless. Buy the chip, it’s easy to install, reasonably priced and really works."

Rick   09/11/2014

"I have a 2005 Dodge Dakota with a 3.7 liter and never realized that this motor was meant for a car not a truck. Since installing the G-force chip, I have noticed a definite increase in horsepower and gas mileage has increased tremondously. I would suggest everyone, reading the testimonials on this site, give it a try."

Bud   08/05/2014

"I installed it. And K&N cold air plus filter. Seems to be a big difference it brake traction in 2nd gear"

James   08/04/2014

"Good Morning Thanks for the quick response and diagram. On my 2014 Kia 2.4 EX Optima I have a 3 MPG improvement and a noticeable power increase. Throttle response is great. Would never have believed a 4365 lb. 4 cylinder could perform so great."

Tony   07/28/2014

"I wanted to let you guys know the chip you sent me for my 1999 Ford Ranger (4cyl) Truck worked perfectly. It smoothed out the Idle noise, car is quieter, smoother, more power and acceleration, better mileage, too. Thanks."

Scott   07/18/2014

"two word's F'N AWESOME....INSTANT AWESOME.....I think that all vehicles should have GFORCE UNDER THE HOOD and anyone who has a problem with this should recheck the wiring under the hood and the wiring in there head. cause they did something wrong in the installation of this GFORCE CHIP...."

David   06/28/2014

"it has been several months since I ordered 2 chips. 1 for the Jag and 1 for the Stealth. THe Jag is running better and has more power. The Stealth has now become a rocket ship. It runs smoother and has a lot more power. Thank you for sending me the wiring diagram for both cars. Money well spent."

Laz   06/16/2014

"I installed the chip 2 years ago on my Mercedes R500.. 5L V8.. After 200kms, The power difference was significantly better and fuel milage went up! I also installed K&N Filters and Plasma Pulstar Plugs.. R500 stock are 290HP,, I am well into the 300 range for I can take this 2ton AWD Vehicle and have no problem breaking all 4 tires on dry pavement. Love to destroy sports cars and beamers. Thanks GF!"

Bertie   06/06/2014

"HI! Installed the GForce Chip and am enjoying driving my 1992 Dodge IROC Daytona. It is a V-6 that I thought was Growley (quote from a USA Carmag.) Now I have a smooth starting, accelerating and a great driving vehicle. Now I can continue with the total Restoration. Thnks again."

Forrest   05/06/2014

"Bought one of your Chips last year for my 2011 Chev Pickup truck. Finally got to install it. Called in to your tech department for instructions. Was cheerfully greeted and received professional help quickly. Answered all my questions. Installation was easy and only took a few minutes. Went for a drive......WOW!!!! Should have bought one of these in 2011 when I got the truck. Not sure if the mileage improved because my foot is now always on the gas petal enjoying increased bottom end torque.... love it! Just finished a 2700 mile trip, mostly freeway driving. Passing power... totally different experience now.Thanks for a great product that does what it says for a reasonable price!"

Todd   04/02/2014

"Your the best So far the chip is unbelievable The jeep i put it on has 350k miles on it and it made a world of difference and mileage thanks again"

Mike   03/12/2014

"I have had the cforce on for about a year now, and I am very pleased. went a little over 350 miles on 3/4 tank of gas. HAPPY HAPPY. Thank You sooo much."

Bob   02/23/2014

"I purchased a chip for my truck. Cleaned my MAF sensor and cleared my trucks computer. I'm on my second tank of fuel and everything is kicking in. I normally see my fuel gage start to move from full about 115-125 miles. I went 161 this time. I am driving normal. I may have to get one for my RV. 2012, E-350, Ford V10.

Thank you for a great product!!!!"

Walter   02/20/2014

"this is the second chip I've brought from you and I am very pleased with your product."

Mike   02/14/2014

"I just want to thank you for putting out a great performance chip at a great price. I installed this on my Dodge Ram 2012,which has a 5.7 Hemi, I can feel the difference in power and the fuel economy Is there also. Most of my friends also have Hemi,s , and when they saw the results ,they orderd the chip also. Guys ,this is not a bullshit chip, it does really work. Thank you again."

Jean   02/02/2014

"I bought and installed your chip about 3 weeks ago...... awsome diffence in power torque and gas mileage.Im really glad to have found your product and have told a lot of peaple about it and your web site.I know of a few in our truck club are intrested in also buying the chip.Id love to have a sticker or decal to showcase your logo.

Thanks again for a GREAT product...."

Dale   01/23/2014

"IT WORKS! My 95 Contour V6 has never ran so good! What can you do for my 700+ HP 460? You may use this in your ad's if you wish."

Art   01/12/2014

"this was the best investment i made. installed the chip on 2005 dodge 2500 gas it improve preformace and miliage thanks would recomand"

Dale   12/29/2013

"Installed the new chip last night in my pickup Works great! Definitely can tell the difference! Thanks GForce! "

Randy   11/21/2013

"I've already seen some HP increase and have definitely noticed the increase in MPG on my '99 Ford Expedition w/a 5.4 in it! I installed the chip in that about 2 weeks ago. Wanted to try it out first in mine before putting one in her car. Was a little skeptical at first to be totally honest because of reviews I read after I ordered both chips... but not anymore!!! Just needed the second connector for her's. Great investment and an awesome product!!! I LOVE IT!! :-) :-) :-)


Dan   11/19/2013

"I just hooked up your chip to my 2008 nissan 350z. All i can say is wow! what a difference. It felt like i sprayed a little nitrous. I can't believe it! I'm so happy right now, GFChips made my weekend. Thank you!! I work for a cadillac/chevy dealer & all the mechanics want one for there vehicles."

Danny   11/16/2013

"n the case of my ordering your chip for my 2007 Saturn Sky, the claims as stated by you in your advertisements, were spot on.... I am completely satisfied with my purchase and HIGHLY recommend to any others who are looking for better performance while getting better gas millage. I have sold 3 other GFORCE chips just yesterday. Go big guy and hopefully you will sell thousands more"

Ben   10/02/2013

"I purchased your chip this past May 2013.....I want you to know I could not be more happier.....Best mileage in my 2013 Jeep Wrangler 19 city 20.5 highway.....now a easy 21.3 city and depending on roads on highway hilly etc 23.4.....best 24.5....also coupled with an AFE cat back...removed resonator...downloop pipe eliminator...throttle body spacer and intake package all from AFE......city mileage 22-23..highway constant 24plus....disconnected your chip.....city dropped to barely 20....highway...barely 21-22....your chip works."

Prescott   10/02/2013

"had this chip installed and I am very pleased with the performance---your product is great for anyone looking for the best--"

Ronald   09/09/2013

"I drive a Mazda MX-5 with 150K. Power & torque were down some. I was looking for some help!! Saw your ad & was quite honestly very skeptical...many blogs say these chips just don't work. Bought it anyway, took it to my mechanic & he laughed. He said I was wasting my $$$ & did not want to install it. Still trying 2 be optimistic, I walked out. I found someone else 2 install it. I noticed an almost instant increase in power & torque. At 80mph, rpms are down 500..are you kiddin me!!! Torque curve is very good now in all gears...more power than when it was new. To early to tell about mileage increase but I'm not concerned...just enjoying what GFORCE has done for my lil Mazda..Thanks!!"

Bill   08/11/2013

"Woooooow!!! I have to admitted I am always somewhat sceptical when stats are boosted but the numbers do not lie. I started off at 13.1mpg and after the second test of 200 mile top off I am at 19.36mpg! Unfreaking believable! And yes I can feel a more firm punch in the throttle when needed. Any testimonial you need...you got it."

Ray   07/22/2013

"Had my G-Force installed into my 2007 Mercedes Benz SLK280 and the proffesional high end shop doing it stated it would take approximately 2-3 tanks of fuel to really see the difference. They were wrong, I felt it as I drove away and I have gone from 400-450 kilometers per tank to over 600...That is worth triple the price of the G-force chip...thank you..."

Ron   07/19/2013

"Great investment !!! It woke my 5.4 up Thanks"

Shane   07/15/2013

"Recently purchased and installed your chip by the way I am 53 years old automotive background. My truck 2013 toyota tacoma 4 cyl stock performance labored just to accelerate upon install of chip throttle response was dramatic wow ! It really works its fun to drive now thank you"

Craig   07/04/2013

"Love the truck but our roads here are like billy goat land so it uses a lot of gas. The 3mpg your chip is adding is saving me almost $15 every 3 gallons as gas here is almost $5 a gl."

Peter   06/25/2013

"Installed the Gforce chip in my 07 KIA Sportage. After the first 100 mi it began to show of performance improvement. After the first tank of fuel,Great improvement in performance and a +2.5 increase in gas mileage. Glad I got the Gforce chip."

Jay   06/24/2013

"I recently ordered your chip for my 2010 Chevy Tahoe. I have been an ASE certified Technician since 1985 and all I can say is WOW! I was amazed at the fuel mileage and the power increase. I would really like to advertise for you guys and help promote this great product!"

William   06/04/2013

"I have recently installed a GForce chip in my 2004 Toyota, Tundra. My truck has 185,000 miles on it and although it runs great it had loss a lot of its original torque (shift down a lot on long hills or when towing). Your chip has put new life back into my truck and I am pleased with the results. It seems my gas mileage is better but to be quit honest I have not check it. (I hope by the time I reach 285,000 miles you have a GFORCE stage 2)"

Lyle   05/10/2013

"WOW the power this chip added to my Ram 5.7 was just WOW I will recamend this chip to people who have a Ram thanks so much"

Kyle   05/09/2013

"Just put chip in my ML 500 and it works great, thanks. Plan to buy for my other cars."

Lee   05/03/2013

"Installed module in 2008 H3 Hummer (77K mi.) today. Felt improved performance right out of the box. Asked wife to drive it to get her feedback. She said it didn’t feel like the same vehicle. That’s when I knew it wasn’t a placebo effect! Have to wait and see about the fuel economy. Very happy so far!!!"

Chris   04/29/2013

"At 9:30 pm I install the chip in 15 minutes drove my 1996 ford f250(460cu"7.5lt)at 10:00pm for a total of four miles return home. got up the next morning and started the vehicle and notice rite off a difference in how it sound on the cold start very smooth I drove it I seen more mph and less rpm's...!! I am very happy and will tell a few friends!!"

Stan   04/16/2013

"My chip worksx real good i kepted up with a viper two days a go i love the horse power the chip gives me"

Garry   04/07/2013

"Hi Guys, just wanted you to know I purchased a chip for my 2001 Subaru Outback wagon with 158,000 miles on it. It was like a V-8 was dropped in it! I couldn't be more pleased!"

Alan   04/05/2013

"Just want to say this chip installed in my 2007 ford edge v6 AWD easily, and improvements noticed immediately, my tank is estimating 400 miles to empty now, before the chip I was lucky to see 278 miles to empty. im very happy with my results."

Joe   04/01/2013

"Thank you,Gforce. with your help it took 10 mins to install. IT is evreything you said it would be,,,and more!!!!6 tents off my1/4 mile time at the drags!!!!!you ROCK me and my 88 vette THANK YOU..."

Jim   03/30/2013

"Any window decals in for my truck. Also a definite improvement in gas mileage AND git up!! Short story ... After getting my chip from gforce for my 2003 F150, my buddy got a chip for his 2001 F150 from your competitor who claims an extra 15hp increase over the gforce. I smoked my buddy from zero to 70mph!!Can't wait to feel the difference towing my 5000# camper thus Spring! Hope you guys have a window sticker for me... just to keep reminding my buddy I made the better choice !"

Kevin   03/29/2013

"I am happy with the chip I installed in my 2005 Honda Odyssey Van. The day my husband installed it I noticed better performance; I had a lot more get up and go when I needed to pass on the interstate. Also before the chip I had 18 mpg and now I get 20 mpg. Thank you GForce."

Dawn   03/26/2013

"just received my chip and got it installed. Let me tell you it does make a difference!!!! I have a 2006 PT Cruiser and it use to sound like it was straining to get out of 1st gear now it goes no problems no straining just as smooth as can be. This is just after he hooked it up too. I love it thank you so much!!!! I will be recommending it to all my friends!!!!"

Carrie   03/22/2013

"Since I have installed the Gforce Chip. I have noticed a slight increase in HP and MPG. Maby 1 or 2 on the MPG and whai I think is about 20HP. I havent tested it on a Dyno it just feels like I have more power.
At this rate I feel that the Gforce chip will pay for its self in about 6 months. Not to bad.
No need for a reply just sending my input on what I have experienced."

Chris   03/15/2013

"Hi, I bought about mid 2012 the chip for my Smart ..... Along with a scheduled service, I asked my Smart people to do that for me. They found that those cables from that particular plug which you showed in the copies pass through the rear right side behind the vertical panel. Enjoy every mile in my Smart, now 70,000, some 8000 mls with your chip."

Thomas   02/17/2013

"purchased the chip for the cadalliac coupe big six. majorly impressed with the performance increase. if you wish to use this in your ad please feel free to do. love the product. somewhat mileage increase but for my car more on the performance side. thanks good product of the money"

Jon   02/06/2013

"I bought a chip from you about 4 weeks ago; I just wanted to say since then my 2000 Pontiac Bonneville has turned into a serious race car; this thing really works."

Brian   01/02/2013

"Hi. I installed the Gforce chip in my 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee with the 5.7L HEMI engine and waited until I put 100 miles on it. The engine already has a cold air intake system but when I finally checked the acceleration, I was amazed. It was pretty good before but it is awesome now. What a difference! I haven't had a chance to check highway MPG but am expecting it to be better. You guys rock!"

Steve   12/17/2012

"Just wanted to let you know installation of G-Force chip on my 2008 Ford Explorer Sport Trac Adrennalin went easier than expected. Your tech support was right on. I was having problems identifying proper wiring and they recognized wires were different color because of build date. It's been in a few days now and already fuel consumption is down more than 1 litre per 100 kilometers. At this rate it will pay for itself in no time. The performance is crisper, shift changes smoother...a real sleeper, thanks!"

Brent   12/16/2012

"I bought the GForce chip a couple of months ago. I did it because it was inexpenssive and easy to install so what's the worst that could happen? Although I didn't notice a great increase in my 1998 Volvo's gas mileage, the car runs at lower RPMs as does not have a lag or hesitation and that's worth it. It eccelarates better and seems to have more power. If it get's an extra mile or two per galon, that's great. Service was good and the chip arrived promptly."

Eli   12/12/2012

"Installed gf chip in my 2005 subaru forrester xt. Gained horse power, and fuel efficiency. Very good product. I can definately feel the difference."

Wilfredo   11/22/2012

"KI installed your chip in my 2011 Toyota Tacoma 4 cylinder truck the other day. I have a trip I take once or twice a week of 100 miles each way plus running around in town, it has long grades that would cause my truck to down shift 1 or 2 gears several times throughout the trip when in cruise control. I took the same trip today with the chip installed and the truck did not down shift once. This indicates to me that it has boosted my HP by at least 10%, as far as the mileage goes I did see a difference, I generally use slightly over 1/2 tank on these trips but this time it consumed less than a half tank. Kudo's to G-Force."

Pete   11/18/2012

"Installed on my 2008 Nissan Altima coupe 3.5 V6 and within 300 miles driven noticed an improvement of 35+ miles more per tank of gas and noticeable engine performance (acceleration and overall operation). Highly recommended."

Ray   11/18/2012

"Yea, that worked!! Thanks,,,got it wired in and the module mounted, no problem. Test drive was great, no issues with lean or rich, and it seems to have helped the performance. I had opened up my intake and exhaust beforehand and wanted to take advantage of that, hence buying your chip. That little truck runs like a sports car now. Thanks again."

Joe   11/08/2012

"It's remarkable. First, thank you for the support you gave me with the email help for my Jeep Liberty. I was able to install the GForce device and waited to see if it worked. just one week later and Bazaam!! 9% increase in mileage and that's just city driving. haven't as yet put it on the open road, but anticipating more gas improvement."

Jay   09/26/2012

"I've installed GF Performance chip on me VW-Touareg 3.2, and can feel the responsive and power straight away, the minut I hit the high way. I surely recommend to any car owners who demand more pick up and extra power.Look no further....its GForce Performance chip that will out perform any product in the market. More Power to GForce Performance chip :-)"

NG   09/20/2012

"I've installed your product in my 2002 Civuc Si. Haven't done the 100 miles yet but yesterday I took my eyes off the tach and nailed the rev limiter in 1st in what seemed faster than usual and definitely pulling harder than normal."

Art   09/19/2012

"I have been using the chip on my 02 S-10, 4.3V-6, 5-speed for about 500 miles and my mileage has increased from 18-22 @ 55-60mph which I am very pleased with. Hopefully it will increase a little more. However i did notice an immediate increase in power and performance as soon as I plugged the chip in."

David   09/15/2012

"ok thanks car seems more responsive thanks for responding so quickly"

Ken   09/13/2012

"Just a note to let you know, since installing you G-Force Chip in my 2012 Honda Crosstour, the performance is awesome, no more hesitation when I pounce the throttle, and the increase in fuel mileage is inpeccable. Thank You for such a wonderful product."

Al   08/24/2012

"Thanks to Tech Support for clearing up some installation questions. I had the chip in my '07 Ford Ranger 4.0 in about 15 minutes. I was so impressed, I just ordered another chip for my Chevy HHR. I'm sure the gas milage will increase. The Ranger's Vacuum increased 1.5 inches at cruising. That means the engine isn't working as hard, hence, more power."

Paul   08/22/2012

"I recently purchased your chip for my FJ Cruiser and am very satisfied! So much so, I am considering getting them for my work trucks. My foreman also wants one for his Chevy pickup. Do you have a “G-Force” auto decal for our windows?"

Richard   07/31/2012

"Have been a mechanic for a few years now and live for performance, grew up with a passion for everything cars. Gasoline runs in my blood... and yet I am TRUELY AMAZED by this product, I have always been looking for the right fix to the powerful oil industries. Lies, desceat.... to GENUIS"

Daniel   08/15/2012

"Hey guys have had the chip in my smart car for at least 6 months you guys can look up my purchase but i have been totally satisfied as i was told! My smart car has noticebly improved in performance,sound torque and mpg.would refer to everyone, i come from a world of motor performance(raced moto-x for ten years) and was number one in my AMA District 26 for 7 years !!!! So i think i understand atted performance!!!! AWSOME WORK GFORCE!!!!"

Ken   08/06/2012

"On a current note I am pleased with the performance of your chip and have at every opportunity told others about it"

Robert   08/06/2012

"Got the chip for my 1995 Toyota 4runner, this car has been a dog since I owned it, but now since I have installed the gforce chip, it has made a huge difference, it runs like a v6 should and I even gained a couple of miles to the gallon, thanks GFORCE"

Don   08/05/2012

"I just recieved you chip for my 2001 F150 W/4.6 V8, took about 10 min. to install, 1st test drive was WOW, what a difference in Acceleration, Smoothnes and Pulling Power. Can't wait to fill it up, DRIVE NORMALLY and get a fuel mileage reading. If this works like I think it will, I think I have at least 8 more customers 4 U! Thanx again, "G""

George   08/03/2012

"Bought the chip for 2012 Jeep Liberty. Installed in 15 minutes and could feel immediate results. More speed with less RPMs, quiter running engine. Better than expected results. Thank You"

Howard   05/01/2012

"Thank you very much for your Excellent Customer Service. My "no questions asked return/refund" was quick and easy. Tks again"

Randall   05/20/2012

"I want you to know that I am satisfied with the results, more horsepower and better mileage, quite the opposite of what I read in some blogs. Keep going your good work. By the way, I have a mustang GT 95 V8."

Jean Louis   07/05/2012

"Thought that you might like to know that the chip really made a remarkable performance difference especially from 4500 up. It also seems to give me more medium range torque. Very pleased with the product and it cost 1/8th of the Stillen chip that I got 15 years ago and it is much smoother overall. The Stillen chip was a direct ECM plug in and it was in at 4500 but the rest was not nearly as well rounded as the GForce. Nice."

Doug   06/19/2012

"Once again, I am thrilled with the product and what it has done for my other cars. I was reading the testimonials on your website and they are dead on with the results that I have achieved on my 2000 Mercedes SL500 (My first chip purchase) and on the 2011 Mercedes E350 4matic (second chip purchase). With the fact that the C55 that I have now is ridiculously fast and powerful, the addition of this chip can only imporve on the already incredible machine."

Bill   07/10/2012